Get Creative with kikki.K


Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot on my plate, and that has made getting inspired and creative really difficult. Luckily, this perfectly coincided with the launch of kikki.K’s new Creative range which, honestly, was just what I needed. I really love the designs as well as the new concepts for the books to stimulate creativity. After being stuck in a rut, I’m really excited to try some of the new prompts and get myself back into the creative headspace. To finish off, I want to share their quote for this range, which I really love and hope to live by:

‘We are all creative. Be inspired to embrace your creativity’

Until next week, I love you all so much!
xx Julia K.

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Time To Get A Watch


While checking your phone can be the 21st Century thing to do to find out the time, the presence of a classic timepiece creates a new feeling and style to telling the time. My new Thread Etiquette watch is the perfect definition of ‘class on the street’ as the website describes, adding a simple yet elegant look to any outfit. Classic colours to match with any occasion and comfort to be worn at any time, it really is time to get a watch if it’s made with the love and craftsmanship of Thread Etiquette.

Yours truly, Julia K


Product details
Watch – Thread Etiquette

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In with the Old


Sometimes, the best outfits aren’t made from the fashionable clothes you bought last week, but rather from pieces you’ve had and looked at for a while, only just reinventing them to create a whole new world of style. As you know, colour is not my strong suit when it comes to styling, however for the small wedding of close friends, black didn’t seem like the right way to go. Pulling out an old favourite, paired with new black heels and a classy make up look, I felt unstoppable, revelling in the feeling of a new twist on an old style. There’s no need to always be out with the old. Embrace the old; it’s been there for you before, and it will be there for you again.

Yours truly, Julia.K



Outfit details
Dress – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Witchery, Eyeshadow – Urban Decay ‘NAKED2’, Lipstick – Coral Colours

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365 Days


In 365 days, I completed my second last year of school.
In 365 days, I had my first boyfriend…and broke up with my first boyfriend.
In 365 days, I started a blog, harnessing my passion for photography and style.
In 365 days, I travelled to New York with my school and sang in Carnegie Hall.
In 365 days, I lived an amazing life.

And all of those 365 days are documented for me to remember forever.

This year, I chose to journal my life everyday. At the rising of the moon (or at like 1 am), i pulled out my pen and journal and I wrote out my day from start to finish. What happened, how I felt, what jokes were shared and so on. The good momentsand the bad. And though some days it felt like such a chore to do when I could be sleeping, looking back I can’t be happier that I have chosen to do this. It’s allowed me to let go of stress and worry and see my life from another perspective, knowing that I’ve always made it through something tougher.

Though I know that everything comes to an end, documenting my days helps me to bask in the joyful memory of each moment, because there isn’t a single moment that I regret. Every decision I’ve made has led me to who I am, and remembering the journey is just as much fun as living it.

I definitely recommend giving this a go, even just for a week, to let yourself find the noteworthy moments of each day and remember the journey of who you are.

Yours truly, Julia.K


Product details
365 Journal – kikki.K, Pen – kikki.K

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MONOCHROME – Event Fashion

My entire wardrobe consists of primarily black, white and grey. Coloured fashion is not my forte. Imagine my joy when I was invited to a party that had a strict black and white dress code. Perfect – an opportunity to wear my new black Dotti skirt. Dressed up with white block heels, a black clutch and some matte gloss, this outfit was perfect for a classy dinner party.

Yours truly, Julia.K

Outfit details
Top – Forever New, Skirt – Dotti, Heels – Forever New, Clutch – Colette, Eyeshadow – Too Faced ‘Natural Eyes’, Lip Gloss – Stila

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Summer Style with Forever New

It’s almost summer, and with the return of hot sunny days come shorts and sandals.

This year, I popped into Forever New for my Summer essentials. With their gorgeous range of white, navy and black summery items (my favourites), it was difficult to stop! I personally loved the cami tops, which came in a bunch of different colours, as well as their stylish shorts. These ones are so comfortable – they fit my body really well and are comfy to wear. These shoes also add a touch of class to a warm day. While I may not be the biggest fan of the heat, I’m so excited for all the summer fashion!!


Top: Forever New
Shorts: Forever New
Shoes: Forever New

Until next week, I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!

xx Julia

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Spring Lookbook 2016


SPRING IS HERE! And with longer days and warmer weather, it’s time for spring fashion to take over the world. Shorts, loose pants and singlet tops are what I’m all about, and a quick trip to Forever New made sure I was well stocked up. With my new fashion mindset, I set out and bought some beautiful pieces to style for this season. Items are linked if still in stores.

Without further adieu, here is my Spring Lookbook.

Tall and Sleek

Favourite piece: the striped pants
Top: Forever New. Pants: Forever New. Shoes: Forever New.

Bold and Basic


Favourite piece: striped t-shirt
Top: Forever New. Pants: Forever New. Shoes: Adidas.

Classy and Chic


Favourite piece: b/w skirt with pockets
Top: Seduce. Skirt: Forever New. Shoes: Bonbons

Short and Sweet


Favourite piece: striped shorts
Top: Forever New. Shorts: Forever New. Shoes: Forever New.

Polished and Professional


Favourite piece: black culottes
Top: Forever New. Pants: Forever New. Shoes: Wittner.

Simple and Stylish


Favourite piece: black brogue shoes
Top: Seduce. Shorts: Forever New. Shoes: Wittner.

Cute and Playful


Favourite piece: Striped playsuit
Playsuit: Dotti. Singlet: Supre. Shoes: Bonbons.

As you can probably tell, I’m a monochrome kind of girl. I hope you enjoyed my lookbook and be sure to let me know what you think.

Until next time: have a fabulous week!

xx Julia

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