Christmastime with Doughnut Time

Nothing brings about the festive season like chocolate coated, sugar filled and artfully decorated doughnuts. With a shop set up right near my work, it was awfully difficult to resist Doughnut Time’s Christmas range… which is why I didn’t :P. Doughnuts became a rather common occurrence, from a pre-work treat to gifts from the boss, I treasured every last bite… once I got to it. Having not tried any of Doughnut Time’s previous creations, I was more than thrilled with their Christmas range, and though the impending diabetes may be more than I need, while the trees are up and lights are shining, doughnuts will remain a sweet part of my day.

Disclaimer: no doughnuts were wasted in the making of this blogpost

It’d Be Rudolph Not To


Ferrero No Share


Life On Mars

For more info, visit

Yours truly, Julia K.

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