Five Fav Cafes in Sydney

As I’ve mentioned before, going out for breakfast is one of my favourite things ever. Having someone else cook you food and bring you coffee while you sit and enjoy the morning sun with a magazine is a fantastic feeling. In my time, I have visited many a divine establishment, and today I will share with you my current 5 favourite cafes that I’ve been to thus far.

Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously – 30-34 Chalmers St, Surry Hills

What do you get when you cross egg waffles with matcha? Pure joy and delight. And that’s exactly what you get here. If matcha isn’t your style, there are some nutellary options on the table. Even if egg waffles aren’t your thing, they offer a range of other delicious items, all of which I am eager to try (if I ever get over the waffles…). With a rustic decor and coffee that you can tailor to suit your tastebuds, what more could you want from a quaint cafe just minutes from Central station? Definitely worth checking out!


Espresso 96 – 96 Majors Bay Rd, Concord

A little less city, a little more great quality coffee and food. I particularly like their range of healthy choices, so going out doesn’t have to be a fattening feast. My personal favs are anything in a bowl: the Soul Bowl (veggies, toast and eggs) or their special Espresso 96 Big Bowl with chicken (sweet potatoes, buckwheat, chicken, eggs; you name it, they’ve got it). The coffee is also delicious, and the wait staff are always so friendly. A regular place for me: close to where I live and delicious! 10/10 would recommend.


The Grounds of Alexandria – 7A, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria

What. A. Place. The wait may be long, but with a thousand other things to check out around the mini-city, you barely notice! Flower shops and lemonade stands are just the beginning. Then comes the actual cafe. The menu is creative and unique, ticking all of my boxes. Food comes out quickly and disappears off the plate in minutes as you can’t stop eating! More room? Check out their dessert counter and pick out a delicious cake or tart. What more could you want?


The Tea Cosy – 33 George St, The Rocks

Maybe not ideal for a proper breakfast, but you simply cannot go past this place for a scrumptious morning or afternoon tea. The scones? Best I’ve ever tried. The atmosphere? Cute and cosy, just as the name suggests. This place is perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea and some scones with jam and cream (and it’s the good cream too, not just the whipped stuff). My personal suggestion? Cut the scone into 3 – you have more surface area to smother with the jam and cream. I’ve been here many times already and will return many more! Definitely try it if you’re in Sydney city!


Luxe – 118 Queen St, Woollahra

A bit further away for me, but a great eat all the same. I still can’t get past the fact that they have a section on the menu of ‘bowls’. I love my food in bowls so of course that was the first thing I went for. And it did not disappoint! This place is full of classic cooking, but with a twist! Have you ever tried a deconstructed sushi bowl? Me neither. But it’s there, and it’s delicious. Tucked away inside a mall, it’s nice and quiet and a perfect chance to relax and chill out without life’s constant buzz. Definitely want to go back there again, and so should you!


So there are my current top 5 cafes in Sydney. If you live here or are keen on visiting, I would highly recommend every one of these places for a delicious feed!

Be sure to let me know what you thought of this post in the comments, and until next week, I love you all and hope you have a great week! 🙂

xx Julia

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