Melbourne in 30 Hours: Part II

For a 30 hour adventure, there is simply no time to slow down. The second day of my adventure was just as jam packed as the first!


After a late start, a brisk walk to breakfast woke us all up. After an interesting meal in a little alley at Hashtag café, it was time to explore the city. First stop was Manchester Press café where I got myself a second breakfast of a dill cream cheese bagel and coffee – it was so delicious!


Wandering the streets of Melbourne felt like a home away from home. The beautiful shops with screaming colours and styles captured my attention at every turn. Florists, ice cream shops and everything in between, there was always something exciting to look at and photograph.


Chinatown was a quaint little spot on this journey, with bright colours littering the street at every level. Wandering a little further, I found my favourite spot of the day – a 100m alley with both walls covered in paint, graffiti and street art. It was fabulous!


A trip on the tram was a comforting few moments to sit, before we were up again heading to Market Lane Coffee for the coffee and the gram (not going to lie). Followed by a simple lunch, we made our way back into the heart of town for one last go of exploring just as the sun began to set.


Reaching the parliament house, we stopped for many, many photos before slowly making our way back to the hotel, stopping for a sugary waffle on the way. Bags packed and tickets ready, we head to the airport ready to depart from our adventurous travels.


By the end of those 2 days, it felt like I had been there for a year and gotten to know the place like my second home. Travel is such a special part of my life where I can explore and discover so many new things, and I definitely suggest that you do too when the opportunity arises.


As I’ve said before,

Well travelled and well read: two things I aspire to be.

xx Julia

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PPS I know I promised a vlog, which is all ready and made, but the website is not letting me post it so I’m sorry to say I can’t do that for you right now… Big apologies but I hope you like the photos!



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