Melbourne in 30 Hours: Part I

Travel is always worth it. Whether it be for a year, a month, a week or a weekend, there is definitely a sense of joy and excitement when you take a break from your usual scene and immerse yourself in a whole new place.


With my HSC just around the corner, big trips are not an option. But my perfect little adventure was a weekend in Melbourne. Yep. Fly in Saturday, fly out Sunday. But, oh the things you can do in 30 hours.


Saturday was quite an adventure, hurrying to the South of Melbourne to spend daylight in St Kilda. This place was stunning – a small town with a big street full of shops, a gorgeous beach and, to my happy surprise, Luna Park Melbourne.


First on the list was breakfast after not eating properly on the plane. 95 espresso bar did just the trick. With the cozy décor and riddles that came with coffee to keep you occupied, what more could one ask for? My pulled pork and applesauce benedict was simply superb and just what I needed. Coffee was also great and started my Melbourne weekend on a high.


Now to burn off a big breakfast was a pleasant walk along the beach, taking pretty photos and meeting a few dogs! This was followed by my absolute favourite part: LUNA PARK! Not going to lie, we didn’t go on any rides but boy was it fun to run around and take photos. I was happier with my camera than I would have been on any ride! There was nothing stopping my pure delight as I ran from place to place, taking photograph after photograph.


By then, all that running had me with quite an appetite. Time for some cakes from St Kilda’s infamous cake shops! After painstakingly having to choose what to order, we settled on a few little things and had ourselves a delicious mini cake feast. This was followed by a quick wander down the street of shops (and several sock purchases).


What a way to end the day than by watching the sun set at the penguin lookout, the Melbourne city scape on one side and the ocean on the other.



Quick trip to our hotel and we were off for dinner at an Italian restaurant in a quaint little alley. Ending the day with hot chocolates at the hotel bar, it really was a perfect day.


Stay tuned for Day II and a VLOG next Friday! And be sure to check out my social media:
Instagram @anaestheticmind
Pinterest @juliakrivs
Tumblr @anaestheticmindblog

‘Til then, I love you all and have a great week!

xx Julia



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