Brunching at The Grounds

After all the hype that has surrounded The Grounds of Alexandria, I figured it was worth some investigating. My sister and I decided to try it for breakfast one day. After a bit of a sleep in, we arrived there at 11 only to be met with the worst parking dilemma ever. After no room in the first or second parking areas, we were sent to their third lot, about 300m from the place itself.

A pleasant walk later, we were told we’d have to wait 30-35 minutes to eat which we agreed to. This gave us ample time to wander around the huge grounds and pay a visit to all the different areas. We got seated about 40 minutes later right next to the kitchen – I loved it! Unfortunately we’d missed breakfast so the lunch menu was it. I still ordered a breakfast burger, accompanied by a deconstructed mocha – I was intrigued.

The mocha was awesome! You got to put together the drink and it looked really cool! The food came out fairly quickly as they had so many people to get through. My burger was quite delicious – I very much enjoyed it. My dish also came with crunchy polenta chips, which were also very nice. Overall, the meal was really tasty and I really enjoyed it

Before heading off, we tried a little mango and marscapone tart (beautiful!) and brought some pastries and bread from a stall outside. It feels like there is everything in this little space; I loved it!

For the café, I would definitely come back but not if I had to wait so long; that was a bit of a bummer. The rest of the place was also awesome and I noticed another quieter cafe that is also there which I am interested to try next time. If you can make it at a quiet time, I’d definitely recommend trying The Grounds!

xx Julia


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