Practically an Artist – Diaspora Exhibition

Sometimes all you need is a nice night out with friends where you can dress up and go do something fun. On this evening, my friend and I head into the city for a very special event: the opening of an art exhibition by one of our school teachers. Not only that, but as her class we had all helped out in making some of the pieces and a few would actually be on display.

MOP studios in the darkened streets of Chippendale shone brightly as artists, friends and other people wandered around the gallery, champagne in hand, admiring the stunning pieces on display. The collection put on by our teacher, the largest on display that night, was of a collection of letters, images, fabrics and photos from her Paris art trip, many of which she and others had embroidered French-inspired patterns onto to make up her show.

I was absolutely thrilled to actually find my piece in there! I had worked really hard on it (even during English classes at school…) and was so excited that it was a part of the show. The rest of her pieces were stunning! The detail and creative ideas were beautiful. A superb experience, Diaspora was.

After the show, the French theme unintentionally continued with dinner at Surry Hills’ French Bistro. With savoury crepes all round, followed by an unquestionable crème brulee, this evening was surely one to remember!


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