MOKOJI Japanese

It’s not often that I get to try out new places for dinner. It’s also not often that I’m exposed to a new type of food such as the Japanese barbecue found in Newington’s side streets. Alas, there is no better way to end a crazy school term than with a crazy new experience.

So there I was in a cozy restaurant, ready for the long-awaited Japanese. The lovely manager came and, seeing our obvious lack of experience, talked us through the menu and how to order. If the obscure menu wasn’t enough to suggest a complex and interesting dining experience, the food surely welcomed these concepts.

We ordered the Tuna Tataki and the Tiger Prawns for entrée, then the Mokoji Family Set with added Halloumi and rice for mains. The Tuna Tataki was beautiful, the flavours working perfectly, and the King Prawns followed suit, stunning Japanese flavours throughout. Then came mains – a huge variety of beef, pork and seafood along with vegetables and halloumi that we got to cook on our own grills. The whole process was extremely exciting and very different to anything else I’d tried. The food was fabulous, each meat working nicely with each corresponding sauce.

Last but certainly not least came dessert. First we were treated to huge marshmallows which we roasted at the flame, then a marshmallow board and a new dessert specials of Pumpkin Puree, Honeycomb, Mochi, Cinnamon, Black Salt, Popped Amarath and Sweet Coconut Milk. Gee what a mouthful! Exciting new and unique flavours to end the meal, and then just few mini spoonfuls of nutella to end.

Overall, a stunning experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. In my opinion, no better way to end the term than with a celebratory Japanese feast. I definitely suggest it if you’re in Sydney and looking for some awesome Japanese eats outside of the city.


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