That Feeling – Exams

The days of exams are overwhelming. The practice papers, exam-style questions and the constant sound of a pen on paper or keys on a keyboard.

The long weekend of my choir’s Golbourn tour, I did nothing but study in every free moment. 3 days of exams and assignments due meant a wasted moment was not an option. By Monday night I was mentally counting down: 3 days.

Tuesday rolled around and, with it, came my chemistry exam. Going in with a positive mindset, coming out with one less thing to study for. 2 days.

Tuesday night was spent cramming the last of my music essay, importing pictured and cutting down those last 78 words. By Wednesday, that too was a weight lifted from my shoulders. 1 day.

3-unit extension maths was the sole focus of my Wednesday night. As I ran out of past papers and textbook exercises to complete, I head to sleep. Thursday morning and counting down the hours. Then I was there, filling in bubbles and drawing graphs. And then I was done.

And then there was that feeling.

The feeling you get when you’ve finished the last of your exams for the term.
The feeling you get when you can go home and relax without feeling guilty.
The feeling you get when you can take an empty schoolbag home.

That feeling is what I feel at this moment as I am writing this. That sense of bliss, of freedom, of accomplishment that I knew I’d feel once I reached the other side of this crazy week. I did it, and so can everyone else.

Exams can be a struggle. They can be stressful and take a lot of time to prepare for. But always remember that feeling and let that help you through.

I wish you all luck for whatever you’re doing and I hope you will feel that feeling when you can’t wipe the smile of your examless face.

xx Julia

P.S I’m sorry there aren’t any photos to go with this post but I felt this topic would be good to write about.

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