Waste Less, Create More

We are wasteful creatures. We get more than we need, use what we can, then discard the rest as if its purpose wasn’t to benefit us but rather to waste space in our fridge. That’s right, I’m talking about food.

And on that note, when did it become too much effort to cook a decent meal? Why do we revert to the unhealthy ways of packaged and processed food all the time? If you ask me, it’s about time we learn how far all that extra food in our pantry can go and how much fun it can be to get it there.

Over the last 3 months, my focus has been to buy less and use more of what I already had. I discovered that I had so much food that I neglected to eat, either because I didn’t love it at the time or I didn’t know how to cook it or for countless other reasons. It became my mission to eat everything that I already had before buying any more (not including fresh ingredients like fruit, veg and animal products). So this is how it went.

Every time I was home for a meal and able to cook, I surveyed what ingredients were available to me in my pantry or fridge and I concocted some crazy idea of what I would cook. The next step was to actually cook it, and let me tell you it was so much fun! Sometimes I’d spend an hour making breakfast just for the fun of it so I could add a thousand different elements (thanks Masterchef :P).

I rediscovered the joy in cooking and creating and how exciting it is when you sit down to a homecooked meal, knowing that you saved perfectly good ingredients from ending up in the trash while you were at it.

There is really something special in learning to utilise what you have, generating less waste and more adventure. I definitely recommend you give this a go! Particularly with items in the pantry, just stop buying them! Find recipes using that box of breadcrumbs or create a savoury carrot juice leftover quinoa porridge (I certainly did and it was delicious!).

So go on! Waste Less and Create More!

xx Julia

Here are some of the awesome things I cooked up along the way:


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