For the last 8 years or so, my Saturdays have been filled with sweat, dirt and screaming parents, also known as school sport. Since joining the stunning senior years of school, I’ve dropped off the chilly Saturday morning soccer games and opted for a day of freedom, rest and exploration. Needless to say, Saturday is my favourite day of the week.

My absolute favourite thing to on my day off is go and explore an area. This time, it was Surry Hills, ultimately one of my favourite suburbs in Sydney. With it’s cute and stylish boutiques, creative start-up businesses, gorgeous cafes and everything in between, there is always something new to find upon a walk down a Surry Hills street.

On this day, so many things made me smile as I walked down Crown Street. Grey aesthetics in clothing stores made me long for a bigger wardrobe while the assortment of books made me wish time was more abundant to read and learn everything I could. The beautiful woman at Lixie Chocolaterie who gave us free chocolate turtles made me so happy, as did meeting the manager of Citizen Wolf – a new T-shirt company creating customized clothes for the perfect fit.

So many little discoveries of this adventure made the blisters on my feet so worth it! I look forward to further discovering Surry Hills and further out to all the hidden gems of Sydney.

You never really get to know a place until you get lost in it. So go on! I encourage you to take a day off and spend some time getting to know the places you think you already do but in a new way. Explore, Dream, Discover!

Hope you have an awesome week!
xx Julia


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One thought on “Saturdays

  1. Hey Julia! Just found your blog and I paricularly liked your post about Surry Hills. It made me look out more carefully for the pretty things there when I pass through the suburb. Are there any other places worth going to to discover, as you said, the hidden gems of Sydney?



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