Goodness Me, It’s a Box!


I like food. A lot.

I want to be healthy, but I’m also lazy.

What do?

Since August last year, I decided to give GoodnessMe Box a go. They are a company that send out boxes each month with 6-10 healthy and delicious products for you to try, ranging  from snack bars to smoothie mixes to coffee coconut water. Each month is full of awesome food and the best bit? It’s delivered right to your door! It’s awesome being able to try new or unique brands that I don’t know but that have some really great stuff and also being able to review it for earn points and get more delicious FREE stuff. GMB also has heaps of  awesome events, such as Dinner with Jessica Sepel (check out that blogpost here) that you can be a part of!

So, now for the exciting part! I’ve recently teamed up with GoodnessMe Box to get all of you guys $10 OFF the 3 month plan (originally $70). All you have to do is the following:

  1. Head to
  2. Click on the 3 month plan
  3. Log in or sign up
  4. Proceed through the steps until the checkout, and pop in the code JULIA10 for $10 OFF!
  5. Boom! You’re done! Now just relax and wait for the box of goodies to knock on your door.

These boxes are a great idea for anybody, whether you’re busy and don’t have time to always stay healthy, trying to get into (or back into) a healthy lifestyle or if you just love food and snacking and you want some variety. There is definitely enough each month to keep you going and the value for money is great! (comes to just $20 a box!). I’d love for you guys to check it out and let me know what you think in the comments or on my Instagram!

Happy healthy eating and I hope you enjoy your GoodnessMe Boxes!

IMG_8969January 2017

November 2016

December 2016

IMG_8971March 2017

IMG_8970February 2017

August 2016

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Healthy Dinner with Jessica Sepel!


Since the middle of last year, I have become obsessed with health blogger and cookbook author Jessica Sepel! I felt I could relate a lot to what she’s been through and her recipes are really easy and doable for someone with as little time and skill as me.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend the Dinner with Jessica Sepel, hosted by GoodnessMe Box. In the beautiful location of The Blue Room in Bondi Beach, the evening began with some delicious salads and a talk from Jessica, answering previously sent in questions and giving us lots of advice on healthy eating, exercise and overall wellbeing. This was followed by a delicious dinner of some of her recipes: I got the chicken on a bed of cauliflower and it was so delicious! Then time for a Q&A and some health sweet treats before book signing.

Some helpful tips I learnt from her include:
–    Sleep is crucial! Turn technology off before dinner and enjoy a tech-free evening. Do not switch on until after breakfast.
–    To cut sugar cravings, drink some apple cider vinegar in water.
–    Don’t get sucked into fad diets and restriction, it won’t work. Instead, aim to eat wholesome food most of the time and allow for indulgences.
–    When you get home after a long day, don’t go to the fridge first. Put your bag down, say hello to everyone and then properly think whether or not you are hungry before you eat.
–    The 5pm snack is crucial to maintain good eating habits and to avoid overeating at dinner.

It was a really great night and I’m so happy I was able to see this inspiring woman! You should all definitely check her out; she’s written 2 books that compile health advice with recipes that are really great and I’ll link them at the end.

I hope you have a lovely week and I’ll see you in my next post!

xx Julia

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PPS Stay tuned for a vlog of the evening that I will upload soon! 🙂


Find out more about Jessica on her website or check out her books here !!


A Few Of My Favourite Books


Books are amazing. They take you on adventures, spark new ideas and let you escape the everyday grind and live through the eyes of another.

I’ve always been an avid reader, but with Year 12 taking up a large portion of my life, books have had to take a bit of a back seat. Nevertheless, these particular books have still managed to make the cut and have really brightened my day or tickled my interests.

How I Rescued My Brain – David Roland


An autobiography, I found this novel really gripping and inspiring as a man who suffered brain damage painstakingly worked his way back to health. It was so interesting to read about his struggles but then to see him push through and achieve an incredible outcome. Though worried at first (thought autobiographies would be boring), this turned out to be an amazing choice!

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas – John Boyne


Ok so maybe this one didn’t brighten my day (more like make my face rain tears…) but this classic just stole my heart. The frightening reality of the Jewish camps and what was done to them, contrasted with the rich, privileged boy made for a capturing read.

Love Style Life – Garance Dore


Every girl needs a little fashion, style and life advice, and where better to get it from than someone who’s made all the mistakes but has ended up on top and who will share her secrets? This one is just gorgeous to look at and read, especially if I’m feeling particularly uninspired or bland. Even just a flick through makes me so happy!

Humans of New York: Stories – Brandon Stanton


The perfect coffee table book, I love having a flick through this one every now and again. The photography is so real and raw and I really love hearing what the people have to say – some can be deeply inspirational, others can be a sarcastic comment. It just captures a bustling city so well I love it!

The Healthy Life – Jessica Sepel


This cookbook really changed the way I viewed and ate food. The intro section discussing Jessica’s personal experiences with health and body issues and how she overcame them is really inspiring, and that’s before we get to the delicious recipes. Did someone say roasted brussel sprouts? Yep, that’s in there and it’s a personal fav. Definitely check this one out if you’re in need of some health!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit into what I love and enjoy and I hope I have inspired you to perhaps give up just a little bit of your busy day to chill out, have a snack and grab a book. Be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourite books are I’d love to know!

Until next week, I love you all!
xx Julia K

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Bennett St Dairy – Bondi


All you need on a Sunday morning is a quick drive up to the beachy side of town…for breakfast of course. Perched on a busy corner is Bennett Street Dairy – a small cafe bustling with people! It’s clean, white exterior draws you in and the cosy atmosphere makes you stay. After only a 10 minute wait (and I got to write my name on the waiting list!) we were settled inside and ready to order. 2 salmon bagels and a mushroom & polenta dish later, we were happily satisfied with full bellies and caffeine-fuelled energy! Not ready to leave just yet, we got some cakes to share, before finally feeling generous enough to give up our table to the next guy on the list. The perfect way to start the morning in an unfamiliar suburb, we were ready to take on the day!

Good food, good coffee, definitely recommend 🙂

Until next week, I love you all!
xx Julia K

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Get Creative with kikki.K


Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot on my plate, and that has made getting inspired and creative really difficult. Luckily, this perfectly coincided with the launch of kikki.K’s new Creative range which, honestly, was just what I needed. I really love the designs as well as the new concepts for the books to stimulate creativity. After being stuck in a rut, I’m really excited to try some of the new prompts and get myself back into the creative headspace. To finish off, I want to share their quote for this range, which I really love and hope to live by:

‘We are all creative. Be inspired to embrace your creativity’

Until next week, I love you all so much!
xx Julia K.

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All kikki.K products can be found here

Top Skincare Picks

As someone who enjoys wearing make up fairly often, I have come to really understand and appreciate the importance of good skincare. It’s what’s underneath that counts after all. I wanted to share with you all some of my current favourite products to inspire and inform you of some great brands and products out there to benefit your skin. All of these products are relatively inexpensive and easy to find in make up or drug stores. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

And without further adue, here are my 6 top skincare products.

3CE Back to Baby Daily Moisturiser

I love the feeling of having this moisturiser on – it doesn’t leave an oily feeling, but rather a matte finish which creates a soft and clean canvas for make up or just a soft fresh face. Definitely makes my skin feel as soft as a baby’s – achievement unlocked!

img_7193Sephora AUS, $28 –

frank body Clean Creamy Face Cleanser

This cleanser is perfect to use after a face full of make up or just as a daily ritual face clean. Not irritating or complicated to use, it does a great job at making my skin feel soft and refreshed. A little goes a long way and I know I will continue using it for a while yet.

Mecca Maxima, $21.95 –

Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

Did someone say oily skin? Not once you’ve got your hands on these oil blotting sheets. I use these all the time since I get a very oily nose and T-zone and they work wonders! Perfect to use even with make up on, the sheets simply soak up the oil that’s making you feel gross. Definitely a must-have in my bag at all times.

img_7204img_7205Mecca Maxima, $17 –

Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser

When it comes to hardcore make up removal, this is the product for me! Getting deep into my pores and removing any trace of foundation or other make up, I can rely on this one to clean and refresh my face. Easy to use in the shower, this product is a must!

img_7207img_7208Mecca Maxima, $17 –

frank body Tough Body Scrub

This is my favourite thing ever. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and the process of applying and using it is just so relaxing and enjoyable. After a tiring day this is what I reach for to treat myself and give excite my senses with the strong coffee smell. This brand is also a fav since I know it’s ethically made and tested so I know it’s as good to the world as it is to me!

Mecca Maxima, $18.95 –

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask

Who doesn’t love a good facemask? And this one right here is incredible for helping and nourishing my skin. Only 10 minutes, I can even fit it into a busy day and the mask itself feels fresh and clean on my face, leaving my face feeling the same once it’s off. This brand is great for products that are kind to your skin and this facemask is a definite fav.

img_7209img_7215Sephora AUS, $42 –

I would 100% recommend any of these products, depending on your needs and budget. Please do leave a comment telling me some of your favourite products so I can try out some new things and see what you guys like!

I hope you all have a good week and I’ll see you next Friday!

xx Julia

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Choux Choux Baby – Doux Amour Pastries


We generally try not to imagine our food with faces, but when the faces are this darn cute it’s hard not to take 1000 photos and speak in baby voices to our dessert. It’s then even harder to say goodbye to our new friends and hello to a satisfied belly (but it’s sure as hell worth it!)

After having seen gorgeous photos and glowing reviews of these little guys all over the internet, imagine my joy when a store popped up right near my work! I quickly picked up one of every flavour and head home to admire and try these little guys. Behind the cute faces, they aren’t the dessert you’d imagine; they’re better! Who has time for a heavy and rich cake when you can have choux pastry filled with delicious cream in a variety of flavours. A bear filled with nutella, a turtle full of green tea cream, pengiuns stuffed with black sesame cream or a pig bursting with rose and lychee cream. There is a flavour to suit everyone, so I suggest you head to your nearest Doux Amour and give these little guys a try! PS. there might just be some special Chinese New Year friends popping in so don’t miss out!

I love you all and I hope you have a fabulous week!

xx Julia K


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Time To Get A Watch


While checking your phone can be the 21st Century thing to do to find out the time, the presence of a classic timepiece creates a new feeling and style to telling the time. My new Thread Etiquette watch is the perfect definition of ‘class on the street’ as the website describes, adding a simple yet elegant look to any outfit. Classic colours to match with any occasion and comfort to be worn at any time, it really is time to get a watch if it’s made with the love and craftsmanship of Thread Etiquette.

Yours truly, Julia K


Product details
Watch – Thread Etiquette

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In with the Old


Sometimes, the best outfits aren’t made from the fashionable clothes you bought last week, but rather from pieces you’ve had and looked at for a while, only just reinventing them to create a whole new world of style. As you know, colour is not my strong suit when it comes to styling, however for the small wedding of close friends, black didn’t seem like the right way to go. Pulling out an old favourite, paired with new black heels and a classy make up look, I felt unstoppable, revelling in the feeling of a new twist on an old style. There’s no need to always be out with the old. Embrace the old; it’s been there for you before, and it will be there for you again.

Yours truly, Julia.K



Outfit details
Dress – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Witchery, Eyeshadow – Urban Decay ‘NAKED2’, Lipstick – Coral Colours

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365 Days


In 365 days, I completed my second last year of school.
In 365 days, I had my first boyfriend…and broke up with my first boyfriend.
In 365 days, I started a blog, harnessing my passion for photography and style.
In 365 days, I travelled to New York with my school and sang in Carnegie Hall.
In 365 days, I lived an amazing life.

And all of those 365 days are documented for me to remember forever.

This year, I chose to journal my life everyday. At the rising of the moon (or at like 1 am), i pulled out my pen and journal and I wrote out my day from start to finish. What happened, how I felt, what jokes were shared and so on. The good momentsand the bad. And though some days it felt like such a chore to do when I could be sleeping, looking back I can’t be happier that I have chosen to do this. It’s allowed me to let go of stress and worry and see my life from another perspective, knowing that I’ve always made it through something tougher.

Though I know that everything comes to an end, documenting my days helps me to bask in the joyful memory of each moment, because there isn’t a single moment that I regret. Every decision I’ve made has led me to who I am, and remembering the journey is just as much fun as living it.

I definitely recommend giving this a go, even just for a week, to let yourself find the noteworthy moments of each day and remember the journey of who you are.

Yours truly, Julia.K


Product details
365 Journal – kikki.K, Pen – kikki.K

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